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Groom & Bride

The Groom

Yousuf, 25, is a football-loving gamer and self-proclaimed foodie. His ultimate goal in life is to become a successful entrepreneur and he thrives on adventurous travels.

The Bride

Sheza, 18, is a thrill-seeker with a caring and sweet nature. Known for her stunning smile and beautiful hair, she shares Yousuf's love for travel and food. Together, they have ambitious dreams and a passion for making a lasting impact.


Our Story

First Met

10TH JULY, 2022

Yousuf & Sheza or Atleast Yousuf will forever be in Omar's debt as he is the reason that led to Yousuf laying his eyes on Sheza. Yousuf may have not made his decision or realized that Sheza was the one he will finally fall for, however he is grateful for how that night turned out. Yousuf will never regret his decision of starting up a conversation with Sheza.

First Text

09TH AUGUST, 2022

This was the first step Yousuf took to try and get Sheza to fall in love with him. He tried to find so many ways to start a conversation with her. Thank God! For Aala ha-ha Yousuf was jealous she was showing him more love and he was like, hey! Let's use this to text her :P and Yousuf was so glad he did.

Sheza agreed to Marry Yousuf

17TH AUGUST, 2022

Engaged + First Kiss


Everything about this day was Perfect! Started with Sheza and ended with her as well. The people, the venue, the food, the lighting, the pictures, and then MAINLY, Sheza! Yousuf saw her freely and got to hold her for the first time that day, getting to kiss Sheza's forehead was the second-best thing that happened that day. The first best thing is what happened before Yousuf dropped Sheza back home! They had their first kiss and the butterflies and goosebumps Yousuf had was something for him to remember for the rest of his life.



Being away from Sheza after she left for Sri Lanka post the engagement was the hardest one month for Yousuf. He counted every second, minute, hour, day, and week. Seeing her finally in that beautiful dress, was so satisfying and even though he did not show it out, he did cry in happiness that day.

First Date - Kingsbury


Buffet was not as great as Sheza made it seem :P however, Yousuf did enjoy every single second of those hours. To be alone with her for the first time in public was a feeling he will never be able to describe in words.


Our Wedding Event

The Wedding

16TH JULY, 2023

The Waleema

22ND JULY, 2023